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Monday  Pilates  9.30am
   Aqua Fit  7.00pm
  Clubbercise  7.45pm
 Tuesday  Aqua Fit  10.00am
   Pilates (intermed)  6.00pm
   Pilates (improvers)  7.15pm
   Yoseikan Budo  7.30pm
 Wednesday  Pilates (all abilities)   9.20am
   Tae Kwon-do  5.00pm
   Pilates (all abilities)  6.30pm
   Pilates (beginners 2)  7.00pm
   Salsa  8.30pm
 Thursday  Aqua Fit  10.00am
   Yoseikan Budo  7.30pm
   Ballroom Dancing  8.00pm
For more information please contact the office 0208 398 1267 ex4


Come and join me as I launch my new Clubbercise Class at Imber Court....An exercise class that brings your NIGHTOUT to your WORKOUT burning up to 500 calories in 45 mins. The class is held every Monday from 7.45pm till 8.45 pm and is £5 per class. This class is in the dark, with disco lights, using Glow Sticks as you to dance to you favourite club classics!!

For more details contact Dede McGarrity 07711 719199 or

Tae Kwon-Do

Children's Class Wednesday 5pm - 6.30pm & Adults Class Wednesday 6.30pm - 8pm 

Come and join the longest running Tae Kwon-do and most successful club in Surrey. First session free and Imber Court Members will receive a 10% discount on production of a valid membership card       email        Telephone 07904 555780


We have a number of different Pilates Classes at Imber Court all aimed at different levels. 

For more details contact either Zoe 07956 360079 or email
Or Jacqui on 07751 070222

Yoseikan Budo

Founded in 1970, Yoseikan Budo is a modern mix of martial arts drawing
from rich variety of traditional Japanese martial arts including Karate,Judo,
Jiu-jutsu, Aikido, Kobudo, Kendo as well as Boxing and French Kick Boxing.

Training in Yoseikan combines:

Striking (punching and kicking)
Grappling (throws locks and ground work)
Weapons (knives swords and sticks)

Training in Yoseikan improves:


Helping the development of a well balanced body.

For more info please visit

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