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Bio mechanical movement assessments and coaching to move/run better and run faster. Personal training to get active and get fit.  15% Discount for all Imber Court Members 

Poster for Try which is Train Right for You
TRY specialises in coaching techniques and skills that help you to move better and run faster for your fitness goals and sporting activities. It’s about stimulating your nervous system, ensuring that your muscles are activated and then training you to use your muscles to achieve optimum performance. Programs have proven successful for anyone who wants to be active or recover from injury for recreational activities, fitness, team or professional sports e.g. running, rugby, football, hockey or tennis to name a few. 
Adult Movement & Running School 
Whether you run for recreational purposes or professional sport, we will analyse your technique and coach you to improve your performance or help you recover from injury and remain injury free. 
Kids Movement & Running School 
Coaching to help your kids improve their confidence and performance by learning skills and techniques for running, balance, co-ordination, speed and agility. 
Get active, Get fit PT solutions 
1 to 1 or small group sessions encompassing HIIT, bootcamp, boxing, weights to meet health and fitness goals. 
Roshan Ara the Train Right for You personal trainer
For more details contact Roshan-Ara 
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