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From Monday 28th June, you no longer need to book the Gym! We will have a ‘self-monitored’ maximum of 8 Members using it at any one time and would ask if you could kindly wait for someone to leave, should there already be 8 people using it. Opening hours for the moment will be 8.00am to 8.00pm (last entry 7.30pm) every day, including the weekends. Could we respectfully ask you to continue cleaning the machines after use. Spray the disinfectant onto the blue paper provided and then clean all the handles and parts of the machine you have touched - please do not spray directly onto the machines. The treadmill running belt should not be cleaned. 
Imber Court’s gym is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. 
We have a fully qualified fitness professional who will complete your gym induction and design your individual fitness program tailored to your requirements. We will not just leave you there to get on with it as we will continue to access you on regular intervals throughout the year making sure you are still on track to succeed.  
Imber Court gym has a good mix of cardio and resistance machines plus a free weights area and stretching area. 
To book your Induction or review please email Roshan-Ara [email protected] 
Woman exercising on a gym mat
Opening Times 
Monday to Friday 
8am till 8pm 
8am till 8pm 
Imber Court Gym
Induction process 
To get you started we recommend three initial induction sessions. 
1st Induction – this will involve a consultation with your instructor to discuss your fitness goals. You will be taken into the gym and an individual cardio vascular programme will be written for you based on your ability and aspirations. The instructor will also teach you how to warm up and cool down at the end of each session and tell you which muscles you have worked and what stretches to perform. 
2nd Induction – for your second induction your instructor will recap your warm up with you and then stretches. Once this step has been completed, a resistance programme will be written for you. This may include weight machines, free weights, fitness balls or fitness bands. 
A gym member resting between workouts
The instructors will demonstrate technique and advise on sets, reps and weights. Once you have gone through and completed your resistance workout, your instructor will repeat the cool down and stretches with you. 
3rd Induction - in this session, you can go through your programme with your instructor on hand to give you any help you may need or answer any questions. 
Once these three inductions are completed, it is normally recommended that you have a review of your programme within 4 to 6 weeks. 
We want you to continue progress and reach the goals that you have set for yourself and that is why you can have as many reviews with an instructor as you need throughout your time as a member of the gym and all of this is included in your membership. 
Rowing machines in the Imber Court Gym
A map of Imber Court
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